How To Make A Website – Understanding Domain Names And Hosting Accounts

If you want to know how to build a website then you should not miss this article because in this article you will discover a couple of tips on how to build a website using free method where you will not required to spend a dime to build it and it is easier than you think. I hope after reading this article you can make your own website and start sharing your thought or promoting your service to the world.

Usually to make a website you are required to have an extensive knowledge of HTML and also web programming language such as PHP or ASP. At that time only professional web programmer can build website plus you are required to purchase expensive web building apps such as Dreamweaver to build the website faster and easier.

Thankfully those times are already pass because nowadays anyone even without knowledge in HTML can build websites or blogs easily and quickly too whether using free tools or using ready to use CMS or Content Management System. Below I will share with you a few free methods to make a website easily:

1. Using WordPress. If you haven’t heard about WordPress before, it is a popular free blogging platform but even though it is a blogging platform you can use it as website too and many people are using it as a website. The installation is very easy you can download it at its website and upload it manually to your web hosting, or the more preferable way is using a tool called Fantastico that usually available on any web hosting company. You can ask your web hosting company whether or not they have Fantastico.

When using Fantastico you literally install WordPress in minutes because it is so easy that anyone can do it quickly and easily. WordPress is one of the best free way to make a website because WordPress also have loads of free theme and plugins to spice up your website. WordPress is my recommended way to build your website easily. kodulehe valmistamine

2. If you like to make a website manually and want to use a web building tool like Macromedia Dreamweaver but does not want to pay the price, you can use a free tool called Kompozer you can get it at It is a free WYSIWYG web authoring tool similar to Dreamweaver. With Kompozer you can build website quickly because you don’t have to code the HTML yourself, you can add tables, editing text and adding colors and images easily using Kompozer intuitive menus.

But, there is one thing that is very important before you can launch your website to the internet and that is choosing a good web hosting company so make sure that you pick the right web hosting for your website.


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