Build Your Own Tree House – Pros and Cons, Fasteners and Hardware

If you would like to build a dog house for your furry friend, you can do so by collecting a few materials around your house. Building a dog house is an easy project and can be tackled by practically anyone. When you begin building the house, you need to determine what type you would like to build. A standard A-frame has a 45 degree roof and looks like a miniature version of your home. There are custom dog houses that can include patios, sun roofs, and other features. Look online for the plans you want and then you can build a dog house from scratch. สร้างบ้าน

Decide if you want your dog house to be indoor our outdoor. If you live in colder conditions, you will need to attach a dog door to the dog house to protect the dog from the elements and to keep them warmer. You can find a basic plastic dog door online or at your local animal store. You can create your own dog door by using a scrap piece of rubber and old door hinges.

You will need to measure your dog to determine how much scrap you need. A good dog house should be large enough for your dog to turn around in, but small enough to keep him warm. Take the length of your dog and add one foot, this is the smallest width your house should be. Then add 1 ½’ to the length of your dog, this is the smallest length of your house. Now, add the height of your dog plus 9 inches, this is the shortest height of your dog house.

Once you have the plan and all the measurements, you can begin construction on your dog’s house. Check around your garage for scrap wood, nails, and shingles. Begin assembling your materials for the house. If you choose a standard A-frame dog shelter, you will need to construct not only the basic square box frame, but rafters and struts. Other houses can get more complex and will require you to get creative. Plywood is essential when you are building a dog house as it makes up the roof and walls.

Another dog house plan is a slanted roof. This style is easier to construct than an A-frame because you don’t need to build rafters or struts, it is simply a flat piece of plywood on a 45 degree angle.

If you have left-over cedar wood, it is great for your dog’s house. Cedar wood also helps to keep the smells under control in the house. Check to see if you have extra molding material in your home, as it should be used to cover nails and other things that can hurt your dog.

Once you have all your materials in order, begin framing your dog’s house. Start with the base, and then attach the walls to the base. Consider constructing a raised base to get the dog off the ground. You will need to drill small holes in the base to allow moisture and cold air to escape. After you have added the walls to the frame, you will add the roof. Some people choose to install removable roofs to allow for easier cleaning. Once you have added the roof, be sure to shingle it and fill in any areas that may get leaks.


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